Anne Hailes reviews: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

On a day when you miss an important appointment and your hair won’t sit right, there’s only one thing to do – relax in a darkened cinema and enjoy a light, bright exotic film.

Don’t get exotic mixed up with erotic, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is good clean fun, a follow-on story of the film made three years ago which introduced us to a group of mature travellers living out their old age in a rundown hotel in India.   This sequel isn’t quite as good but still well worth watching as anything is when Dame Judi Dench is featuring.

As feisty Evelyn Greenslade she is still falling for Douglas (Bill Nighy) who is too shy to declare his love,  Muriel (Dame Maggie Smith) is in danger of showing some emotion which is alien to her character as the strict manager of the hotel.  It’s owned and run by the irrepressible Sonny (Dev Patel) and it’s the eve of his wedding – Patel is an expressive actor and fascinating to watch.  In the middle of all the festivities and Sonny’s hope of buying a second marigold hotel, who walks in but Richard Gere. Hearts miss a beat, in the film as well as in the Movie House.  

So the plot unfolds, ends are tied up only to be unravelled again and the ending seems happy enough but there is just enough doubt to allow a Third Best Exotic Marigold Hotel to be filmed, which is good news.

Interesting that over the weekend this film topped the box office charts knocking 50 Shades off the top spot.

By Anne Hailes

Post Author: Belfast Times

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