Anne Hailes reviews: The Pillowman


 The Pillowman

Lyric Theatre

until 19th April 2015.



I went to The Pillowman in the Lyric Theatre on Saturday. It was a well filled matinee performance which added to the atmosphere.  

The Pillowman is a gripping drama from the Decadent Theatre Company from Galway. Why it’s billed as a black comedy I don’t know, it was just pure black.  There is some strong language which always gets a laugh, again why? If we do laugh it’s mainly because of someone’s discomfort or the quick fire writing. 


This is a twisted tale of a young man, Katurian (played by Peter Campion), the writer of short stories featuring grewsome murders, some of the victims being smothered to death – there’s a clue there. Sadly these murders were being played out in the neighbourhood and who should be suspected but the writer himself, although could the murderer possibly be Michal his brother with special needs played superbly by Michael Ford-FitzGerald. 

Kuturian is being savagely interrogated by two vicious policemen – David McSavage and Gary Lydon –  who are convinced he is the culprut although it could be Michal, or could it? The circles within circles fascinate.  Playwright Martin McDonagh has you up one road only to present a cul-de-sac and you’re wondering all over again.  

Great acting, marvellous set and a very fine afternoon of drama. 

The play continues until Sunday 19th April 2015 and if you like excellent theatre, go and see The Pillowman.



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