Anne Hailes reviews:  Jeeves & Wooster

Jeeves & Wooster
Grand Opera House
Saturday 28th March 2015.

It’s almost as exhausting watching this excellent evening’s entertainment as it must be performing it. Three actors playing a multitude of parts each one as different as the other and it’s hilarious.

Robert Webb plays Bertie Wooster, an upper class twit.

Jason Thorpe plays Jeeves, Bertie’s saviour and his butler.

and Christopher Ryan who plays Seppings et al.

The writing of P.G. Wodehouse is a given, born in Surrey he became Americia’s highest paid author between the first and second World Wars. He obviously had a fine sense of humour and a mischievous frame of mind and this play, ‘Perfect Nonsense’ starring Jeeves & Wooster is a great example of his work.

‘Perfect Nonsense’ adapted by the Goodale Brothers, has won many awards. It’s superbly directed by Sean Foley, actor, writer and a director with a delicate touch who works his cast of three to the Nth degree and challenges them with the fast pace of the action and the accuracy of both words and movements. The timing is exceptional and gained applause on many occasions during the evening.

It’s a complex plot, a love story gone wrong, a valuable silver cow creamer and a ferocious white Scottie dog. In the middle of this melee Bertie tries to sort everyone out and, after the event, he decided to tell us all about it and call on his friends to help bring the characters to life. After all he tells us, acting can’t be that difficult which is why he was talking to us from the stage. We are putty in his hands from the word go. I suspect there were groups of Bertie fans in the audience as they were quick with the repartee which seemed to delight the actors.

The three are all stars but Christopher Ryan had a special place in our hearts, Norman Wisdom came to mind, small, eager to please and quick as a flash in his transition from policeman to valet to sound effect engineer.

It’s hard to encapsulate this play, it’s just so different to anything else. Part farce, part fancy, part whimsey but all played with precision and panache.

You won’t be disappointed, you will probably share the opinion of one lady in the audience: “That was genius.”

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