An ode to the Norn Iron summer!


I tweeted this morning that I saw two people wearing shorts and it wasn’t even 9am. Then Harp got in on the act and sent me this image of the Harp Angel with Michael Lavery wearing not quite weather appropriate clothing!!

Why ? Well, from today, Harp® lager are celebrating the clocks springing forward to BST and as part of the celebrations, Dan Gordon collaborated with the Harp Angel to develop a series of short videos that capture the Top 5 ‘Norn Irish’ signs Summer’s getting closer as well as penning an ode to a ‘Norn Iron’ summer.

From wearing shorts in the cold to barbecuing in the rain, the ‘Give My Head Peace’ star and the Harp Angel pay tribute to the brilliant and uniquely Northern Irish approach to our sometimes, less than appealing summer time.


Clocks changed – rearranged
Wasps hum – summer’s come
Far and wide – sit outside
Barbecue – have a do
In the rain – once again
There’s no folly – get a brolly
Call the lads – bring their Dads
Karaoke – singing’s ropey
Wearing shorts – playing sports
Kicking ball – off the wall
On the beach – easy reach
In the seas – 2 degrees
We don’t care – what we wear
Splash, run – hunt the sun
Chase the cloud – laugh loud
Stand tall – love it all
Run fast – make it last
Make hay – great day
Harp’s to share
– Get out there
Look on the Harp side.

Visit to find out more and start watching the videos.


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