An MTV exclusive preview of Rise by Michael Walsh

Today we are focusing our attention on Michael Walsh, a Belfast based photographer and designer.

This weekend at the MTV awards, a short video created by Michael will be shown during the awards ceremony and as a backdrop to the Snow Patrol gig at the City Hall. We have seen a sneak preview and it’s a pretty cool view of the Rise, or the Balls on the Falls as we love to call it.

A lot of Michaels cityscapes of Belfast were used by Belfast City Council in their bid document which won them the rights to stage this weekends MTV EMA’s. It was through this and seeing his website – – the artist, Wolfgang Buttress, who created the beautiful sculpture Rise, called Michael to ask if he would shoot the sculpture for him from a high building. Michael got access to the tower at the City Hospital and took a few shots, but being a perfectionist, they just weren’t perfect. He then came up with the perfect solution, which Wolfgang agreed to, and that was to hire a helicopter. Wolfgang wanted to try and put the art in the context of the city and a helicopter was ideal to capture this.

While in the air Michael recorded a video of Rise. Wolfgang loved it so much he contacted the City Council who then showed it to MTV, and the rest is history as they say. I’ll post the video on here on Sunday night, but in the meantime, here are a few of the photos taken during the helicopter ride, and i hope you agree, they look amazing.




All the photos are © Michael Walsh PUSHFotoGrafik but are available to purchase. Check out his website for more photographs or email him at He is also available for all types of photography, just get in touch!

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