An afternoon of carefree Autumn fun at @NTmountstewart #ntautumn

It seemed wrong to have a day off on a beautiful sunny Autumn afternoon and spend it indoors, so I decided on a day trip. And the idea of having fun on the Mount Stewart Explorer Adventure seemed perfect.

It’s my third trip to the Mount Stewart gardens this year and I’ve loved the estate a little more each time.

The gardens were resplendent with colour today as the low sun twinkled through the Autumn leaves casting glimpses of light into the forest. All around me were beautiful autumn red and golden leaves, and of course, they had to be kicked about in the way we all remember doing as a child.

The new Autumn programme in the gardens encourages just this type of carefree behaviour, including climbing trees, finding conkers, collecting forest treasures and red squirrel spotting. It’s clearly all aimed at kids, but I just felt obliged to go along with their suggestions.

So I kicked the leaves, I hunted for conkers, I contemplated climbing a tree and a was most definitely on squirrel watch.

It’s days like today, when you leave all notion of work and commitments behind and get back to nature, that just make you appreciate the beautiful countryside we have right on our doorstep. And it feels good!

If you haven’t been to Mount Stewart recently, I recommend going soon and enjoy the Autumn splendour of one of our local treasures on the shore of Strangford Lough.

Make sure you also check out the Festival of Light at Mount Stewart this month. Get all the details here.






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