#BTfitness :Your Aly weekend workout is ready for you!

Your Aly weekend workout is ready for you!

How did you find the last bodyweight workout? Remember you can find me on my social media channels (just search Aly Harte and you’ll find me) where you can leave me feedback and ask questions.

I did a yoga session this morning at The Yoga Quarter in Ballyhackamore which set me up for the day after a grueling but cool physio session last night with Smart physio in Carryduff.

This weekend workout is brought to you by the amazing Mike McCommish who is a PT in East Belfast and runs a weekly circuit class in Campbell college on Monday and Wednesday evenings. You may recognise him from his professional rugby career with Ulster, Connaught and Irish Sevens. He also featured on my blog last year an you can read here.

The workout is one I noticed my husband doing last week at the gym as he had remembered me talking about it.

It is the ascending pyramid 6,4,2.

You will need kettle bells and a medicine ball.

Please use weights suited to your ability and remember I speed the videos up for your viewing convenience!

Thanks Mike for this fun hiit (high intensity interval training) circuit.

1. Kettle bell dead lift (full glute engagement/recruitment from bottom of movement)

2. Kettle bell Swing

3. Kettle bell Push Press

4. Med Ball Slam

5. Loaded Carry (it is essential that you have postural importance here- keep shoulders retracted and your chest up).

Start at the bottom of your pyramid with two reps or at the top of your pyramid whatever size you want it to be!

Add in with your weekly run, rowing workout or whatever you choose.

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I have a deep deep love of all things fitness and wellbeing which means I can share my wisdom but as I am not a professional trainer I can only trust that you use your sensible head to decide what is best for you with my workouts. Thanks for joining me!


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