All things hair: What is a keratin blow-dry?

What is a keratin blow-dry?

With the Hairdressing industry having such a wide range of treatments, lots of new technology and innovation, it’s hard for us as Hairdresser’s to keep up to date with changes never mind the clients.

A few years ago there was a craze of chemical straightening, brilliant for naturally curly, frizzy, course, thick hair. It reduced curl and waves and it smoothed out frizz plus made the hair flatter, therefore making it look less thick.

Now the newest treatment on the market is the 12 week keratin blow-dry.

It’s non chemical and reduces frizz, thickness and adds unbelievable shine to dry dull hair. It has no effect on curl though, so no promise of straight hair if curly.

It is for clients who have trouble blow drying their hair as it keeps it smooth after washing and it doesn’t swell or frizz if dried naturally.

It also saves blow drying and using straighteners as it removes all that hastle for you.

Plus brilliant for summer in the heat as the hair will not swell or go frizzy in humidity or in the rain!

We’ve been doing these regularly now for a year in the salon and clients absolutely love the results.

Warning though, if the hair is coloured it does lighten it on the day of the treatment so it’s advised to leave any colour application until after you get it done.

Colour can be applied immediately after, so as long as you know before booking to do it that way about.

Here are a few before and after for you to see and at only £99 in May with a complimentary follow up blow-dry.

It works out at less than £10 a week, for no maintenance hair care… That’s indeed a bargain for those who struggle with the frizz!

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