All Thing Hair: The Photoshoot

Photoshoots are a great way to express creativity in your work as well as your own personality.

So when the Jason Shankey brand decided to do a shoot I jumped at the chance.

jason shankey photoshoot
I personally feel both hair and clothes play an important part to create the whole look as they complement each other and help shape the overall image.

Each haircut is personal and complex to each client, all hair is different so each individual will use different products for different styles which is why you should always have a good knowledge of the products and what they are used for.

That’s why in my collection I have used the Jason Shankey product range to get the desired look tailored for that person.

Whether the look you want to achieve has a matte effect, shiny or a wavy finish, we have JS products to suit each look.

I went a bit more creative rather than every day styles using the JS formation cream and styling paste to get that professional salon look.

jason shankey photoshoot

It was all in a day’s work at our Ballyhackmore branch and it’s always fun to learn more and go from strength to strength.

Ben Hughes
Jason Shankey Salon, Ballyhackamore

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