Review: A Streetcar Named Desire – Live at the Odeon

A Streetcar Named Desire, is a 1947 play written by American playwright Tennessee Williams.

Last night we watched it live as it beamed from the Young Vic Theatre, London, to cinemas across the world. And it caused quite the stir!



Well Gillian Anderson, Blanche DuBois, completely and utterly stole the show with a performance deserving of an Olivier award.

Such was the reaction on twitter that #YVStreetcar and Gillian Anderson were both trending as the UK raved about her performance.

@nantynarking said: Realised I will never see another performance as good as @gilliana’s in #YVStreetcar. It would be impossible. I feel punch-drunk right now.

@micdhelle said: Crying silent tears over #YVStreetcar and @GillianA amazing performance, I have no idea how she goings to that place every night, I’m in awe


Words can’t describe the performance we watched last night. We left the cinema speechless and in awe at what we had just watched. Quite possibly the most amazing piece of acting we have ever seen.

You know we love the theatre here at Belfast Times and regularly review what’s on at our three big Belfast theatres, but to watch something live from London on the big screen at the Belfast Odeon was a new experience which we loved and recommend!

Future performances include Frankenstein and Billy Elliot, so make sure you get your tickets booked and immerse yourself in live theatre from the comfort of a cinema!


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