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I’ll try anything once. That’s what I said when approached by Squeeze Juice Cafe and asked to try their award winning fresh wheatgrass shots.

Granted when the little box arrived in the post, there were seven shots in total– one for each morning in the week, but I was up for the challenge.
I had vaguely heard about wheatgrass, but wasn’t really aware of the benefits. I thought it is probably one of the fads that pop up every few months and have us flocking to buy all the associated paraphernalia, but after a few days of trying it, the gear goes in the back of the kitchen cupboard.

Not so according to MD Jacquelyn Stewart, who says that wheatgrass has a number of health benefits that have been attributed to regular ingestion of the juice as far back as the 1940s. They include boosting red blood cell production, stabilisation of blood sugars, improved circulation, increased energy and detoxification. Sounds just the ticket after a few too many G Spots! reviews of bars and restaurants!

Grown, harvested, juiced and packaged in Warrenpoint, the grass which is too difficult to ingest directly, is juiced using a special method and contains over 90 minerals, including high concentrations of the most alkaline minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium; and 19 amino acids.

Jacquelyn became interested in the product when she was diagnosed with skin cancer and decided to grow and juice her own wheatgrass as part of her treatment programme. She tells me that overall it helps to detoxify the body, oxygenate the blood and support the immune system and help the body work more efficiently – it’s not a replacement for modern medicine but it’s a powerful natural solution to many conditions, which should not be overlooked or underestimated.

But how does it taste? Well, the clue’s in the name as it definitely tastes like grass, but the addition of lime juice does give it a certain twang. I would probably prefer to mix it with orange juice or maybe even a vodka – but I guess that defeats the purpose. Sure nothing good for you ever tastes that nice – so I felt that it must be doing something right for my insides.

I’m the first to admit that I’ve the attention span of a goldfish, but did manage the seven day challenge. Has it changed my life, no, would I continue taking it, yes. The shots are stocked in Slims Kitchen or Arcadia Deli and I’ll try a few more weeks, because I feel I need to give it more time to see the difference. If you’re interested in trying it, but can’t make it down, Squeeze also has an online store – www.squeezejuicecafes.co.uk and as they are the only UK juice producer of a wheatgrass shot with an extended shelf life, it will still be fresh when it arrives in the post.

I’ve just started working on a very exciting project called Brand NI, which celebrates the best people/ideas/products to come out of the north. Jacqueline and her Squeeze Juice Cafe fit that brief to a tee. Four years on and her business is going from strength to strength and she is constantly evolving and winning awards. There are many places to buy wheatgrass, but if this has inspired you to try it, my advice is to shop local and enjoy the green green grass of home!

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