A night at the Culloden

And we are back….

A two week cruise, finished off with a night at the Culloden Hotel. I’ll give you an update on the cruise later, but first of all, the Culloden.

After a two week break with a five star cruise company, we had high expectations from the Culloden, maybe too high.

We arrived by taxi straight from the flight back into Belfast from Southampton and before we were even out of the taxi, the Culloden doormen had already taken both cases and started to wheel them in. Great start that makes you feel VIP!

We were welcomed with a handshake and taken to our suite, unbelievably we were taken to the suite right above the hotel entrance with an amazing view over the beautiful estate and beyond towards Belfast Lough. Stunning!

Apparently Lady Gaga had stayed there, and Sir Ben Kingsley, and now Belfast Times!


Saturday was a stunning beautiful summer day so what better way to kick off the Culloden treat than head down the hill to Cultra Inn for a drink. The Inn was buzzing outside and it appeared the drink of choice that day for guests had been Rosé wine, because they didn’t have any left…. so it was straight onto the beer then. More Rosé wine was on its way from the Culloden cellars, but we couldn’t wait… the sun was shining!

Back at the hotel we had a slight housekeeping issue* which was rectified immediately and with perfect five star professionalism. ( *note: I’m a clean freak who has also watched way to many Hotel Inspector programmes!)

Dinner was in the Mitre restaurant in the gothic grandeur of one of our top local restaurants. On their website they say that waiters ensure your wine glass never runs empty and they show you how to dine in ultimate style…we can vouch for that. The level of service and food was definitely five star and just perfect.

Finally it was over to the Crozier Lounge for a Culloden speciality…a gin cocktail. Well of course we ended up drinking more than one as the cool old boys jazz band played in the corner. Loved them.

Then it was off to Lady Gaga’s bed..she wasn’t there of course! But we are definitely confident that when Gaga did stay there that she had one great sleep, as that was one uber comfortable bed. The best!

What we loved about the Culloden??

– What a setting! Beautiful grounds with beautiful views.

– A superb 5 star team with a special shout out to Ryan in the restaurant and Stephen in Croziers. Great job guys….professional, courteous, polite and charming.

– Food provenance. Everywhere on the dinner and extensive buffet breakfast menu it was clearly highlighted the Hastings chain were supporting local food producers.

– The herb garden where the chef headed out to pick his herbs right on cue as we enjoyed dinner. Perfect!

– The jazz band…the perfect end to an evening meal with these cool as a cucumber dudes!

– The bed!

The Culloden can only be described as a sophisticated hotel which oozes charm and grandeur and is perfect for a relaxing break.

As always though we have to have our fun and we know you love the Hastings ducks!! So off we went with the duck from our room on a tour of the grounds.


What i learnt today….
Do you know the way you learn something new every day? Well at the Culloden I learnt about ‘amuse-bouche’, a French term literally translated as mouth amuser. It’s a complimentary bite sized hors d’oeuvre served between courses. And something the Culloden do particularly well!

Now you know!

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    Julie Hastings

    (July 8, 2013 - 6:10 pm)

    Thank you jeff. So glad you had such a good time!!

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