A glimpse into an icon

Titanic Belfast, the new icon on Belfast’s skyline is a world class Titanic attraction in the city where it was built. Where else can you stand in a building with such strong Titanic links. Looking out from it’s windows you will see the slipway where the ship was built, the offices where it was designed, the waters where it first floated, and the city which at the time was a world leader in many ways. So to get inside Titanic Belfast for an exclusive tour before it is fitted out was a special treat. It took us over an hour to complete the tour, so when it is finished, expect to spend the day there. Also expect to be wowed by the sights and sounds, expect to be wowed by the size of it, just expect to be wowed end of.
I hope these photos give you just a quick glimpse of the construction work currently in progress and a bit of an insight into the future of Titanic Belfast.







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