A Giant night on the Slipways

2012 was always billed as Our Time Our Place and this weekend with the Irish Open, The Clipper Race and the Land of Giants, there was a lot going on, and it was impossible to do them all.
We opted for the much hyped Land of Giants on the Titanic Slipways….and what a Giant night out it was.
Around 20,000 people headed over to the Slipways to witness the largest open air arts event ever to happen in Ireland.
The Land of Giants was the 3rd big event on the Slipways this year, and this was definitely the best one. But the weather was shocking! After an OK evening, the minute the show started, the rain started, and pretty much as the show finished, the rain stopped. You just couldn’t have timed it any worse.
As for the show itself, it was quite spectacular as a row of shipping containers were placed the length of the 2 slipways and they provided a raised platform for the 500 strong cast to perform above the audience.
The Land of Giants travelled through time, highlighting our very own Land of Giants, from Finn MacCool, Gulliver, Titanic and more.
It was a loud and thrilling journey with local poetry, local drummers and a 100+ strong local choir. Above us suspended from huge cranes were some very brave acrobats, and the Titanic Belfast building was turned into a huge storybook.
A highlight has to be the Titanic appearing as lights beside the slipway where it was built. The 4 funnels and the outline of the ship appeared above the audience and wowed us all.
It was spectacular, thrilling, brave and dramatic, and the rain added to the drama of the night.
Quite simply….I want to see it all over again! Great job to everyone involved.


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