A fabulous fashion night on the Lagan

That moment when you regret not taking your camera on a night out! Doh!
Last night was just one of those nights at The El Divino Fashion show.
Everything was just perfect to get some good photos but I had to make do with the iPhone camera, which just isn’t good enough.
Right from the start, the whole event was kind of special, unique and fabulous.
Before the main show we were treated to some champagne before heading outside onto the bandstand set up on the El Divino carpark. The first thing which became immediately obvious was how cold it was…. oh those poor models.
Pre fashion show we were treated to some jet ski stunts on the Lagan while music was pumped out. I bet the neighbours weren’t impressed! Impressive stuff though.
The music stopped and was replaced by a heartbeat, then the James Bond magic began as his theme tune heralded the arrival of a speedboat which made it’s way up and down the river before arriving at the end of the catwalk.
And out stepped a handful of scantily clad models and John Kearns. What a way for the show to begin!
The fashion show highlighted the work of local designers including a new swimwear range by Katie Larmour and Riona Treacy. The hair, makeup and fashion throughout the show was amazing.
Thankfully there were no disasters and not a wet tshirt in sight. We don’t know how the models survived out there on a catwalk floating on the Lagan, with little on….because sitting on the bandstand, we were all frozen.
The catwalk was such a genius idea and it has set the bar high for the future of Belfast fashion shows.
It was a totally fabulous, unique and special night out. Our only wish was that it was about 10 degrees warmer.




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