A delightful Mousetrap.

Monday night was opening night for the first ever UK tour of The Mousetrap. The world’s longest running play has been packing out it’s West End theatre for 60 years this November, so it was a pleasure to see it finally reach a local Belfast audience.

We were invited along to the open night to see the play and also to attend the ‘Frends of the Opera House’ reception after the evenings performance.

Before the play, we didn’t really know a lot about it, only that the identity of the murderer was until recent years a closely guarded secret, but the internet changed all that. If you are going to see it this week, just don’t google who the murderer was, it’s a murder mystery, the whole idea is to have some mystery.

Immediately when the play starts, you obviously get to see the set, and it’s certainly a luxury set, all wooden panels and antique furniture, with a super looking window hinting to the snow storm happening outside.

Amongst the cast, I had my favourites, particularly Mrs Boyle and Christopher Wren. Mrs Boyle is the kind of mature lady who has her standards she expects in life, and is never happy with anything, loved her. I also loved Christopher Wren, actually I think most of the audience loved him, he was a fun and frightfully camp character. The whole play was funnier than I expected, and I wondered if that’s the way it has always been during its 60 year run.

You could describe the play as being ‘of its time’, it was charming, polite and quite simply delightful.

After the performance we headed up to the reception where the cast mingled with the crowd and everyone enjoyed wine and nibbles.

I managed to get permission to take some cheeky photos of the set before we left the Opera House, and had a bit of a nosey backstage. I think I want to quietly sit backstage during a performance now just to see all that happens. How fun would that be to tweet live from backstage at the wonderful historic Grand Opera House.

For those of you going to see the play this week, have a charming night out in this totally sold out and very busy week for the Opera House.

A cracking night out.

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