A Christmas gift idea – X-Bolt

This is the men’s fragrance of the year, it’s X-Bolt for men from Lidl, yes Lidl!

Lidl launched the brand new male fragrance in response to enormous public demand following on from the success of its female fragrance Madame Glamour last year.

This £3.99 little bottle of bliss, beat leading designer brands up to ten times the price in a blind test by 108 people carried out in Mayfair in June. Forget about the Beckham, Dior Boss and D&G perfumes as X-Bolt beat the lot, and I now know why! It’s the only one I’m lifting out of my bathroom cabinet every morning.

This is an absolute treat of a men’s fragrance and little do my family know, but the guys are getting a bottle of it each for Christmas!

Trust me, forget about the big price, big name fragrances this Christmas, X-Bolt is worth trying out.


Post Author: Belfast Times