A bag of crisps could be one of your 5 a day!

By this point in the year those New Years resolutions will probably be a distant memory. Have you given up at the gym already, are you back on the cookies and crisps or are you still working out and eating healthy. After reading Grainne’s G spots last week, it seems she’s still not the only one with good intentions to eat better and exercise more.

Every so often, you’ll want to tuck in to a bag of popcorn or crisps, so why not check out the M&S eat well healthy options.

I’ve been trying them out since they launched in January and although they seem a bit odd (pea pods), they are definitely a healthier option than crisps. Who knew that eating a bag of crisps would be one of your five a day, as long as you like beetroot crisps!


The new healthy snacks range is no substitute for fresh fruit and veg and a clean diet, but they are a better snack option than a bar of chocolate or crisps.

With lots of super seeds and unusual combinations of peas, spices, beans, coconut, berries, chilli and more, coming in a selection of bars, popcorn, nut mixes and potato snacks, there’s plenty to choose from.

Personally I loved the beetroot vinegarette crisps, and the chilli lime and coriander pea snaps, and the spicy chorizo sweet potato snacks. All unusual and very tasty treats.

Check them out at your local M&S store.


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