6 1/2 things we love about Tony & Jen’s

It’s our first ‘6 1/2 things we love’ feature in a while. We’ve brought it back for Tony & Jen’s on the Lisburn Road. It’s the feature where we celebrate six and a half things we love about a restaurant. Oh and don’t ask where the half bit comes from.. it just is what it is and give us space to ramble a bit! Lol

I went along with my blogger chum Emer (check out her blog) for a healthy and enjoyable weekday lunch. 

So what did we love about Tony & Jen’s on the Lisburn Road?

1. It’s owned by a personal trainer/nutritionalist Tony and journalist/cook Jen. They are all about celebrating food and life the healthy way. And their restaurant on the Lisburn Road has been serving its healthy options for around 18 months. 

2. We love that their food is super healthy and clean and cooked from scratch on the premises. It’s all healthy drinks, healthy treats, sugar free, tasty, nutritious, fresh bites of goodness.

3. They have taken some products you already know and love and recreated their own version. Check out this Instagram post for their version of Nutella, or as they call in, Notella. This is one of a number of rebranded versions of the big brands you’ll find recreated in their menu, along with a touch of Norn Iron, like spuds or a wee sandwich.

4. The stew is awesome! It’s packed full of fresh herbs, spuds, carrots, cooked in tamari and apple cider vinegar, with Tony & Jen’s awesome own made brown sauce. Check out their lunch and anytime brunch menu for healthy overnight oats, acai berry bowls, pancakes, and much more.

5. You can enjoy most food as the vegetarian option it’s made as, then add chicken or beef or other ‘upgrade’ options. It’s a great idea and makes for a more versatile menu with A LOTS of new options to try every time you visit.

6. The pancakes are stuff of legend. They are mountains of amazingness. Check out this Instagram of the process…

Finally, we left the restaurant feeling healthy, clean, and not stuffed. You’re not going to go to Tony & Jen’s to experience the fat and sugar laden food you know, you’re going for a simpler healthier version of the food you already eat. It’s actually quite inspiring what they’ve done here and most certainly makes me want to start preparing fresher healthier food from scratch at home and take that step away from sugar and unhealthy fats.

We’ll be back to try more healthy options soon. Be warned though, if you want the flavours of your full fat full sugar food you are probably be used to, you might want to go elsewhere. Tony & Jen’s is the much healthier version. Your idea of a treat might  be different than theirs. But their treats are good for you and delicious.

Check out their Facebook page for lots of tempting treats and food tips and ideas.

Jeff Meredith 

Post Author: Belfast Times

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