5 ways to spend more time together in the kitchen

5 ways to spend more time together in the kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of the house – where family meals are cooked and debated over, and often where the homework is done too. We all play our individual roles in the running of the household, but what about making time to enjoy the kitchen together?

IKEA Belfast will play host to the IDEAS Festival this weekend, which seeks to inspire shoppers to rediscover the joy of the kitchen through food sampling, flavour and blind tasting workshops and many more fun family activities. To book and to find out more information, visit www.ikea.co.uk/belfast.

In the meantime, here are 5 ways to spend more time together in the kitchen, courtesy of IKEA Belfast.

1. Grow your own: Pick up some grow your own leaves and fresh herbs packs and plant some seeds with the kids. Water and care for them together over the weeks, then use for garnishing and salads!

2. Get your bake on: Baking doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s a great way to get the family together, especially during these wash out summer days! Use the IKEA muffin mix to bake some buns that you can then have fun decorating with together.

  3. Shake it up: for the grown-ups, start experimenting with syrups and spirits and make your own signature cocktails. Invite some friends over to sample your delights and you’ll soon have a party on your hands!

4. Set the table: we can almost hear the groans from here! Always a chore when you were growing up, it can now be a practice in creativity and bonding within the family. Who can set the most beautiful table for a dinner party? Nothing like a bit of family rivalry!

5. Learn the art of the Smorgasbord: A Scandinavian staple, the Smorgasbord brings together all the food you love in one simple spread. Each member of the family can have their favourite food on the board, and you can all sample from it – a simple and fun way to bring the family together with a meal.

Get tips and advice on all these activities at the IDEAS Festival at IKEA Belfast this weekend on Saturday 1 August, 10am – 5pm, and Sunday 2 August, 1pm – 5pm.


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