5 surprisingly easy ways to restyle your room

Getting inspiration from an interior stylist to restyle our room

2018 brought many new beginnings for us, one was the decision to maybe cut back on a big holiday (failed at that one for starters!) and consider restyling our house to make it a bit more current and to switch the dining room round to make it a space we used more. The 5 year old black and white theme with a pop of colour needed changed but the inspiration wasn’t happening. Blank looks all around!!

There’s so much to choose from and everything seems so expensive that we continually failed at every turn and ended up doing nothing. But moving a framed print from one wall to another highlighted the need for a change.

In steps Interior Stylist, Wendy Smyth.

A journey of inspiration began from our first meeting with Wendy as she visited our home to understand more about what we needed/wanted/desired/could afford.

Working from our proposed makeover budget Wendy began the process of discussing colours, materials, furnishings, lighting and flooring before heading off to put all her ideas on paper.

A week later, Wendy was back, having worked on a presentation full of ideas, concepts, plans and ideas to inspire us to push through the blank looks and find a new direction for our decor.

What she came up with was inspiring and as a result of our meetings with Wendy and her presentation we’ve been inspired and learnt a lot about what direction to go in and a few simple steps we can do in our room makeover . And it helps that as an interior stylist Wendy has lots of contacts in the industry who can offer discounts exclusively to her clients.

5 surprisingly easy ways to restyle your room

1. Pinterest, what would we do without social media and the sharing of ideas. Pinterest is perfect for getting inspiration and ideas galore. Just start typing in thoughts and enjoy the journey! Create a makeover board to save all your ideas to and you’ll hopefully end up with a great mood-board full of ideas.

2. Select the featured item for your room and restyle from it. It could be a rug, a painting, a piece of furniture. Use the colours of this piece to select paints which fit with it. Wendy took a photo of our painting and superimposed it on different coloured walls before presenting 4 paint colours which suited.

3. Lighting is vital. We currently have Philips Hue bulbs in lamps but Wendy suggested highlighting some of the art on the walls. Let’s show off those prints and bits n pieces which represent moments in our lives with lights. Direct a spotlight on them and let them shine. Lamps are also important for additional mood lighting, make sure their size works in the context of the room.

4. Introduce furnishings which complement the overall look. That could mean upcycling something, a trip to a furniture store or a shop online. On one of our shop visits we spotted a huge clock which matched the look we were going for, but rather than spend £200 on it, we had an idea; an old metal sunburst mirror in the attic, which with a lick of paint will be perfect. The right furniture is important, check out this mustard chair Wendy pointed out to us, it suits the age and style of the house AND adds a pop of colour. It’s a bit expensive but has given us ideas to run with. One new piece of furniture is all we need.

4. If you’re tight for space, then make the most of what space you do have and add storage options and multi functional furniture. Currently our dining table isn’t used and doesn’t feel accessible. With inspiration from Wendy to introduce a bench idea and from our recent hotel in Barcelona, we’ll be getting a trader at St George’s Market to create something for us then adding plants to create a relaxed dining table space which looks a bit more multifunctional and useable as an office space.

Tips we are learning fast!

  1. Buy tester pots of paint and cheap canvas boards and experiment with colours. Place them around the room in different light areas and choose your favourite.
  2. Recycle and reuse. Don’t throw away older items, consider reusing them in the future. We have 2 old items from 10+ years ago being recycled. Why did we throw out the now on trend 70’s prints from our grandparents houses!!
  3. Multifunctional furniture and storage is vital!

Watch this space late in the year for an update.

And thanks for the help Wendy. You’ve created 2 makeover monsters on a mission to take inspiration from your great ideas!!!

Find out more about Wendy here >>


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