5 of the best of Derren Brown

Derren Brown comes to the Grand Opera House with his Best of Tour Underground this May. The show has been described as “a love letter to all the classic Victorian magic tricks” (What’s On Stage), “an evening of astonishment” (The Stage) and a “tour de force performance” (WestEndWilma). So what should you expect? That I’m afraid is a secret, with audiences being sworn to secrecy, we have been told it’s very much a show you need to see to believe.

However to whet your appetite and remind you of Derren Brown’s amazing skillset here are our top five favourite moments from the past 18 years which left us open mouthed and in awe:

1. Apocalypse. What would you do if the world was ending and zombies roamed the earth? A favourite topic around the watercooler but Derren Brown took it a step further in this production. He selected a twenty something year old victim called Steven and convinced him with an elaborate set, fake social media posts and a lot of actors that a meteor had hit the earth and this was the end. Brown weaved a tale which was incredible to watch and inspired Steven to want more out of life.

2. The System. When it comes to betting shops I know I would like Derren Brown to give me a tip or too. In the final episode of this production Brown gets a member of the public to bet £4000 of her own money on a horse based on his bogus prediction only to lose it. However he later informed the shocked victim that he changed the bet to the winning horse at the last minute.

3. Escape Part of the Trick or Treat series. Victim Angela picked a Trick card and unluckily for her Derren quite literally threw her in at the deep end. When she was handcuffed, secured in a sack and submerged underwater.  Angela was given a brief tutorial in escape artistry but we as an audience held our collective breath as we waited for her to appear free from her shackles and above the waterline.

4. The Heist Who wouldn’t want to rob a bank and get away with it? Known to be a personal favourite of Mr Brown, the heist sets up a group of unsuspecting fans to rob a fake security van. Through subliminal messages and instructions the group willingly carry out an armed robbery.

5. Russian Roulette One of Derren Brown’s best known stunts and one which raised his profile significantly in the mainstream. Derren selected one person to load a single bullet into a six-shot revolver before pointing the gun to his own head and attempting to guess which chamber was lethal. Adding to the suspense Derren’s third guess was incorrect as he pointed the gun to a nearby sandbag and pulled the trigger on an empty chamber. The action paused, we all gasped, but quick to recover and redeem himself Derren correctly fired the fifth shot into the sandbag.

WOW!  We can’t wait to see this awarding winning illusionist LIVE. Be prepared to be astounded and awestruck. The Best of Derren Brown Underground. 22-26 May

Grand Opera House, Belfast. Tickets on sale now!


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