Review: St Agnes’ Choral Society present 42nd Street

St Agnes’ Choral Society present 42nd Street

Celebrating 60 years of music and theatre in Belfast and Beyond, St Agnes’ Choral Society present 42nd Street at the Grand Opera House, Belfast

You’re in for a night of fantastic musical theatre with this local production of the classic, 42nd Street. St Agnes’ Choral Society put on the best show with some outstanding performances and amazing choreography and vocals. They blew me away and made me want to get up on stage and dance along with them. Actually can we have a musical theatre experience somewhere where the audience can participate on stage? Because I’m there, Jazz hands at the ready. That’s the affect 42nd Street had on me. Loved it!

Big love for Fiona Keegan as Maggie Jones, a gem! Actually it’s probably unfair of me to shout out to one person because everyone was superb.

If I had to give constructive feedback on one thing, turn the volume down a notch, I’m the partially deaf guy in the audience and I still thought it was very loud. But apart from that, can I come back and watch it again.

In 42nd Street, St Agnes’ have treated us to the highest standard of production. It doesn’t even feel right to describe them as an amateur theatre company because the cast and the set are fantastic, and better than some professional productions I’ve seen. Go team aggies!

You really should get your tickets and go and see this toe tapping, shoulder shaking, marvellous musical at the Grand Opera House. Who needs West End productions when St Agnes’ is about?

I don’t think I need to go into details here with this production, just go see and enjoy.

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