4 nights out and a wedding.

So it’s Sunday chill out day after a busy week. For those of you following us on twitter, you will already know we finished off last week in the Merchant Hotel celebrating both the Royal Wedding and also my mum in laws 70th birthday. How bizarre and cool was it for her to be sitting in the Merchant and receiving all your birthday best wishes tweets, especially from the Culloden Hotel and the Merchant chef Tony. It was special and made her day. So thanks.
The next night we headed over to Custom House Square for the first of our three Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival events. And it was a step back in time to listen to The Human League and Croakey Oakey as the Belfast Telegraph describes him. He spent the first few songs hiding behind the speakers in a hoodie avoiding being centre stage for some reason? The gig was okay as hit after hit was performed, but it wasn’t until the last 3 songs when the crowd really let rip and with the final tune, Electric Dreams, the place went wild then it was all over!
Fast forward to Monday night in the Waterfront studio and Russell Kane recreated a near perfect Norn Iron accent and got us all laughing in our seats with his tales of single life, family and a particularly uncomfortable train journey. Although how will I ever get the image of him doing the Beyonce dance in a particularly adult situation out of my head. It’s not right! But hilarious!
During the week whilst I continued my real job, I went over to Victoria Square to see the wedding dress copy (the ladies seemed to love it) then I had Menarys contact me to promote their upcoming fashion show, and also Dalzells of Markethill contacted me to do a bit of a promo with some exclusive discount codes which start tomorrow, but more on that later.
So on to Friday night and it was Scott Capurro who highly entertained us in McHughs Basement at our third and last CQAF event. Scott was shocking, controversial, current and hilarious. I am just glad we weren’t sitting on the front row. He actually tweeted Belfast Times to say he had a great night!
Finally last night it was the George Reunion night at Clandeboye Lodge in Bangor, with way to much alcohol but a great night. Needless to say today is chill out day, fry day, sore head day and the day where I have just realised I having nothing planned for the coming week! Oh no, help!


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