10 reasons you should drink craft beer

We’ve teamed up with a local craft brewer to bring you their top 10 reasons you should drink craft beer.. here goes

It’s sociable…

Drinking craft beer will always generate plenty of chat! Whether it’s the taste, the smell, the label or the origin, craft beers make people talk. People who drink craft beer are exemplary sharers and want everyone to have a piece of the experience. When was the last time you offered your mate a swig of your mass-produced American light beer or a smell of that standard, run-of-the-mill Danish offering?

Value for money…

We are a much more money-conscious generation which means when we part with money it needs to be worth our while. We are happy to spend our money but on a smaller number of better-made things. When you buy craft beer you know you are purchasing a product that is ‘made’ and not ‘manufactured.’

Supporting local…

Microbreweries traditionally employ, source and support locally so by purchasing their handcrafted produce you are doing the same!

More choice…

Craft beers deliver more choice than the common beers. Whether you’re seeking a pale ale, a stout, an amber, an IPA, a pilsner or a wheat beer, there is something to match every mood and palette!

It’s easy to pair with food

Forget red or white! Craft beers deliver 10 times the options for what works best with your meal and, to make it even more appealing, there are no do’s and don’ts or judgemental glances across a crowded restaurant! The range of complex flavours found in craft beer over-match what wine has to offer. So do your food a favour and steer away from the wine….

It’s honest…

Microbreweries do not have limitless marketing budgets and nor do they need them. Craft beer is marketed on its merits as a beer, with emphasis on flavour and the ingredients that went into making the product. It’s not about celebrity endorsement or catchy straplines….it’s about taste.


Whether you prefer light, dark, strong, bitter, sweet, fruity or chocolatey, there is something for everyone! Working to the philosophy of fresh, hand selected ingredients from the very best sources as well as intense quality control guidelines from the brewer himself, taste is what differentiates a craft beer from its mass produced competitors.

It’s fresher than fresh…

Microbreweries do not mass-produce, nor does their supply chain extend beyond a selection of local eateries or alcohol vendors. Because they operate on a much smaller scale, in comparison to global beer companies, the brewing, to bottle, to hand, to mouth process is a much quicker one!

It’s healthy (er!)

Craft beer contains fibre, a host of B vitamins and some of the most powerful natural antioxidants, including ferulic acid, which is renowned for its anti-aging properties. It also outshines wine when comparing nutrient content. Although the calorie content may be heavier, because the ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is higher in craft beers than standard ‘lighter’ beers, craft beer drinkers tend to consume less volume because the beers are that little bit stronger!


Who wants to be like everyone else?! Craft beer aficionados don’t follow the crowds…. they follow their taste buds!


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