10 NI Science Festival events you need to check out

Fancy taking on a crack role in CSI Belfast, delving into the mind of a zombie, or training as an astronaut?


How about investigating the world’s ugliest animals, or taking part in the world’s biggest science lesson?

All of these activities and more will be available at the first ever Northern Ireland Science Festival, a stellar mix of the silly and the serious.

Proving that science, technology, engineering and maths are anything but boring, the 11-day extravaganza, beginning on February 19, is open to all and will comprise over 100 entertaining and informative events across venues such as the BBC, W5, Titanic Belfast, Queen’s University Belfast, the Black Box, the Nerve Centre and the Ulster Museum.

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Why not become the scientist and the experiment with dozens of hands-on exhibits at the special Bodyworks Exhibition at W5?


BBC Northern Ireland will open its doors for an interactive hands-on event featuring coding games inspired by TV favourites like Dr Who and Sherlock.

The Royal Society of Chemistry and British Council will invite schoolchildren to attempt to break a world record at the Odyssey Arena, as kids aged 10-12 take part in a massive enquiry-based lesson and try their hand at solving a “crime” using science.

For older budding sleuths, the CSI Belfast workshop will give a hands-on chance to use real forensic techniques, gather evidence and solve a crime, using fingerprint analysis, powder analysis, blood typing and cryptography.


A comedy event, “Ugly Animals” encourages the audience ditch pandas and penguins and investigate less attractive critters, while a spoof lecture from Dr Ken Howe from the “Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies” peers into the brain of the infamous movie monster.


And for a truly out-of-this-world experience, Armagh Planetarium will offer a special ‘Astronaut Training Mission’ for any primary or secondary school visit to the Planetarium and there will also be an audience with Mark Thompson, host of the BBC’s popular, Stargazing LIVE, in Belfast.

The festival will also feature a lecture in honour of Alan Turing, the man who cracked the Enigma code and who is credited with ‘inventing the computer’.

Dr Robert M Pepper, vice president of global technology at top IT firm Cisco, will be delivering the Turing Lecture Series 2015 on the “The Internet Paradox“, lauding the man who was recently played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the Oscar-tipped Hollywood film ‘The Imitation Game’.

And if all that has whetted your appetite for knowledge, St Georges Market will be offering a ‘Menu of the Future’, with cooking demonstrations and ‘alternative’ foods to sample such as insect treats and algae appetisers


Where curiosity meets comedy and genius is born. Bright Club is a thinking person’s comedy night. It started as an experiment bringing together local comedians with the fascinating minds of people working in Northern Ireland’s universities. See what happens when they are combined on stage, in front of an attractive and inquisitive audience and within reach of a pint glass.

For further information about the Northern Ireland Science Festival log on to www.nisciencefestival.com , facebook.com/NISCIFEST or @niscifest


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