10 Little Things A 10 Year Old Wants This Summer

The school summer holidays are well under way and the kids are probably already starting to get bored!!

I checked in with my nephew to find out what a 10 year old wants and plans to do this summer. 

Some are just too cute… 

  1. Go on holiday…not happening
  2. Go to w5 (I took them all last year!)
  3. Go to see my Uncles allotment
  4. Go to a theme park
  5. Go to a water park 
  6. Get to meet up with my cousins 
  7. Get my bedroom done up
  8. Have a sleepover at my next door neighbours house
  9. Go to Scrabo Tower
  10. Go to the zoo
Viking water ride at Tayto Park
Viking water ride at Tayto Park

Sometimes it’s not always about the big fancy things in life and for a 10 year old spending time with your cousins, visiting your uncles allotment or simply having a fun sleep over next door is all you want. 

What do your kids want to do this summer? 

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